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John Doe

John Doe was born in 2010 in Mwendo village. He has missed a year of school due to lack of school fees. Now he is attending school, but does not have the means to continue. He is looking for a sponsor of $35/month.

John is currently in Primary 3

Term Grade Position Conduct
2018-1 64.5% 11 of 18 26 of 40
2018-2 52.5% 12 of 18 34 of 40
2018-3 77.7% 1 of 18 1 of 40

John's Family

Mr. Doe originally came from St. Louis, but settled in Mwendo back in 1999 where he looks for casual farm work. Mrs. Doe looks after her seven children and tends a few crops and chickens in their backyard. Neither one finished secondary school, but they are pinning their hopes on Merry