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Gisele was born on August 11th 2004. Her father is UWITONZE Gélase and her mother is NYIRAMAJYAMBERE Helène and they live in Biryogo along with Gisele’s two brothers and two sisters. Gisele travels to school on bike with her sister Rosette and her brother Valantin come on another bike.

Gisele is starting Primary 3 in January 2019

Most Recent Grades....

Term Grade Position Conduct
2018-3 64.5% 11 of 18 26 of 40
2018-2 52.5% 12 of 18 34 of 40
2018-1 77.7% 1 of 18 1 of 40

Gisele's Family

Mr. UWITONZE is from Kibuye in the Western Province. He moved to Biryogo some years ago. He has no stable job and struggles to pay the school fees for his children. Helène grew up in Nyamagabe and also moved to Biryogo. She is a nurse and grows the family’s food in the backyard while looking after Gisele, Valantin, Rosette and her youngest child. They are looking for a sponsor to provide $35 per month towards Gisele's school fees.