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Our brief story

​Faith & Roger Shaw met in the UK in 1983 at college. Faith grew up as a refugee in a family of limited means, yet she was fortunate to be admitted to a very good high school in Uganda. That lucky break gave her the boost that made her the women she is today.

Ever since then, she has wanted to create a world-class school in a deprived neighbourhood. Faith is still friends with many of her old schoolmates. Her dream is that many decades from now, former students will be connecting with each other from wherever they ended up around the world to reminisce about the good old days at Pioneer.


Amazing strides in development are being achieved in Kigali, the capital. Rwanda really is a great model for developing countries.

There are many private schools popping up in Kigali and thanks to the increase in prosperity there, such schools usually turn out to be very profitable.In contrast, we are located in the rural village of Mwendo, in the Bugesera District of Eastern Rwanda. There are few opportunities here for children to advance beyond their parents’ level. Rarely can families in this  village afford school fees.


Our goal is to make a permanent positive impact on one small community by educating the next generation to the highest standard we can possibly achieve.

​We have been struggling to get all the necessary permits to build a school for sometime now. We have bought and fenced the land, we have the architectural drawings and we have half the funds necessary to complete the building.


While we wait for the final permit, we have started informally using borrowed buildings. The children pictured above are Pioneer’s actual students dressed for sports day. 

We have about 100 children enrolled in pre-school and primary school combined.

​It is challenging to operate this school without premises, but nevertheless, the kids finishing Primary Six school are graduating with some impressive grades.